Dwarves of Bruinia

-The Way To Yosgnyk City

-The Way To Yosgnyk City

Brumm leads your party through the twisting tunnels in the Brau, being careful to avoid the main pass as you make your way to Yosgnyk City. More than a few times you are attacked, not by Drow, but the local Quaggoths, white Apemen, or small Yeti. The small yeti have retreated to the tunnels since the Drow have advanced into the mountains. This slows your progress and an alternative is proposed by Brumm. He suggests the party exit the tunnels south of the Kell, a giant dormant volcano. This places you about ten miles away from Drow occupied Dorr-Imn Crossing, both a supply hub and Alliance garrison. “At least this way…”, Brumm explains, “…we would be fighting the enemy, and not these goddamned apes!”

When you arrive at the Garrison at Dorr-Imn, almost fifty miles from the Karrath Ruins and Wellspring to Torag, you discover it abandoned, littered with remains of Alliance soldiers from all regiments. Brumm seems to think that this could mean the Drow have successfully cut the whole Dymmes Highway off, that makes sense seeing that the soldiers would be needed on the front line.

The next week you travel the Dymmes Highway. Once a wide and level pass cutting through the valley, now a burial ground. Hundreds of the dead lay strewn about the pass for seventy five miles, all the way to Four Corners, a massive junction of passes connecting just south of the Gnome settlement of Big Pine. Here the Alliance is holding off an army of Giant Spiders, all bearing a similar mark, each bears the Twelve Pointed Star in red paint.

Quickly you learn that the spiders were recently discovered out at an old abandoned slate quarry located north of Big Pine. The Watchers brigade reports that the Spiders were spotted assembling some type of structure, but were lured out to this pass to be slaughtered before they finished whatever they were building. You have arrived in said pass only moments before the Spiders will hopefully approach the entrance, where four hundred alliance soldiers, Gnome Dwarf and even a few wood elves alike, wait ready to pounce on the giant horrors.

Brumm tells you he would appreciate your assistance in this matter, but understands if you need to push forward as well.


Byerac Byerac

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