Dwarves of Bruinia

Spetnaz City

Our heroes continue to seek out and eliminate the enemy as they move west through the war torn streets of Spetnaz City. In the public square our heroes join three units of Alliance Vanguard struggling with an elite squad of Drow. All three Alliance unit fall before the enemy can be defeated.

Only a few blocks away our heroes find a unit of Vanguard pinned down by snipers. Their commander Alucard, a Wood Elf, approaches them and explains the unit has been pinned down for a few hours sending Alliance units around before they get caught in the intersection ahead and slaughtered. Although Alucard fails to recognize the Prince, he sees that they are a highly skilled unit and suspects the heroes are Watchers (special operations).

Alucard gathers his unit and suggest that the heroes assist in a systematic assualt on the Drow Snipers.


Byerac Byerac

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