Dwarves of Bruinia

The Alliance Complex

Spetznaz City

The Alliance Complex has been contained by the remaining Vanguard of the city. Inside the training ground, Alliance forces engage the Drow in vast numbers. Lt. Thalis O’Druin 5th Army; Bronze Regiment, briefs the heroes of the defensive effort. During the briefing, Baldrin notices several Drow are conducting a profane ritual on the roof of the Alliance Command Center. It is agreed that Lt. Thalis and Alucards unit will retake the Armory, while the heroes focus their efforts on halting the profane ritual on the roof Command Center.
Once inside the Command center the heroes assist a unit of Alliance warriors engaging the Drow. Racing up the tower stairs to the roof, Dax is able to surprise the Ritual Master distracting him from his spell, while Dagrimm and the Prince rush to engage. Dax and Edo successfully distract the Ritual Master long enough to ruin the summoning spell, allowing Dagrimm, Baldrin and the Prince to cut the Drow down.
The Ritual Masters staff is retrieved from the rubble after Baldrin caved in a portion of the roof. It is destroyed, releasing a strange greenish essence. Dax stows the Obsidian ornament for safe keeping. Our heroes notice a hole in the training ground which had been growing earlier is now providing the Drow with their retreat.
In the following days Spetznaz City is secured and the process of rebuilding has already begun. Fully healed and rested, our heroes leave the last stronghold in the Dwarven Empire and travel east into the Wailing dessert, and Zammirra beyond. Bearing the knowledge of recent intelligence revealing that there were not one, but two colossal portals under construction in Zammirra. After 40 days and 40 nights, our heroes find themselves on the ouskirts of the ruined section of the ancient Elven metropolis debating on which way to approach and enter it.

To be continued…


Byerac Byerac

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