Dwarves of Bruinia

The Battle of Four Corner

The Battle of Four Corner was won with the blood and steel of the Alliance. The names of the 13 soldiers who fell there are forever memorialized on an obelisk erected in the entrance to Four Corner.

A feast is held at Yosgnyk City upon the Princes arrival and news of the latest victory. During the festivities a Watcher called Bingy appears and informs The Prince that Cultists have been gathering outside Sinklov, a mining village 30 miles north of Yosgnyk City, in alarming numbers, possibly in the thousands. Reports from the local informants confirm that the Cult has been active in two other major cities, Ghad and Grazzni, as well.

Two weeks prior to the Princes arrival at Yosgnyk City, Western Alliance General Baal Miir (former Illstan Emissary), assigned a unit of 4 Elite Vanguard, lead by Captain Garrik O’Druin, disguised as a Diplomatic Envoy north on a recon mission to Ghad City, and then onward to Grazzni City. Without Garrik’s knowledge General Baal ordered a unit of Watchers straight to Grazzni City via Rhovax and the treacherous Vuric Hills.

Meanwhile, the small crimson sparrows the Alliance has used as messenger birds for decades suddenly fly off in the direction of the Morinth Forest, seemingly all at the same time. This event is surrounded with mystery and a daunting sense of foreboding. Although tame and remarkably intelligent, little is known or understood about this bird species or its origins.



Byerac Byerac

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