Dwarves of Bruinia

The Corruption of Commander Mov

A feast is held and lasts long into the night, just before mid fall the feast is disturbed by a dead official. After an investigation the clergy determines the poison was a natural toxin produced by a sea creature. Prince Kurrack is informed that a group of loyal officials had collected information exposing the level of corruption in the official body, the dead dwarf was the last. It was then agreed that Baldrick but perform the ritual to speak to the dead and talk to the poisoned official.

The following morning a meeting is held in Prince Kurracks State Room. General Baal attends to discuss the current situation in the city, not long after that meeting begins Baal introduces the king himself, who then informs the party that he intends to make himself visible to the population with his health returned he wishes to repair the diplomatic negligence of his latest absence.

The ritual of speaking to the dead is performed at the meeting, led by Baldrick. They learned that the latest and final official loyal to the king had evidence (on his person) exposing corrupt members of the official body, as well as a number of high ranking officers of the Alliance.

Furthermore it would seem that the commander Mov, stationed at Vuric Hill, was the primary suspect for ordering the assassinations of 9 loyal officials, and most likely ordered the apprehension of said evidence as well as the poisoning.

It is agreed that our heroes will go to Vuric Hill and confront the corrupt Commander Mov.

To be continued…


Byerac Byerac

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