It is a dark and uncertain age in Illstan Miir, the empire of Dwarves. An evil Drow Cult begins to spread the influence of The Ancient One. Evil and greed begin to spread amongst the population, allowing corruption to flourish, even in the royal house. The Dwarves, Elves and Gnomes of the Drakonis Brau Mountain Range form an Alliance Military and begin to fight back.

Little is known of the Cult. What is known has been extracted from those captured. Many large and powerful Drow houses have created armies to stop those who dare attempt to interrupt the Great Ritual, the one that awakens The Elder God. According to the Cultists, they ‘await the alignment of certain stars’ to perform the ritual awakening The Ancient One, and are ‘granted certain gifts’ for their fealty. More information suggests the Ancient One may have had something to do with the great meteor strike that formed what is now Corliss Bay.

This is the story of Dwarven Prince Kurrack Strongaxe and his two cousins and most trusted allies Dagrimm Strongaxe and Baldrick Oakenshield.

Dwarves of Bruinia

Byerac Vikshade