Dwarves of Bruinia

Ancient Ruin.

After careful examination, it is determined that the list of traitors found amongst the evidence may have been altered by Mov or a subordinate. In the following days The Watchers report the Dymmes Highway operational, and Yosgnyk City is secure once more after the 5th and 3rd armies push the enemy back into Morinth forest. However enemy attacks on Spetznaz City have increased. To further complicate matters, Watchers report the old Elven City of Elves, Zammirra overrun by Drow, whom are supposedly constructing a colossal gate.

Travel east brings our heroes to an ancient ruined set of towers, here an demon (Vrock) has thwarted troop advancement and has gathered cultists. The Red Sparrows also gather here as well, perching in the ruined tower. On approach, two badly wounded dwarven boys exit the ruins screaming. They explain that they became lost inside “the wash”, a drainage culvert that connects to the sewers under neath Spetznaz City. The boys claim to have seen dozens of dead alliance soldiers inside the tunnels, causing them to panic and lose there bearings. When questioned about thier injuries and escape, they tell Baldric a “hawk-man” had captured many children and was flaying the living flesh off them, he did not know to what end.

Our heroes then confront and vanquish the Vrock and seventeen cultists. It is decide that they will enter “the wash” and travel into Spetznaz, via sewer.


Byerac Byerac

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