Dwarves of Bruinia

Vuric Hills Village, Autumn, 502BC.

Vuric Hills Village, Autumn, 502BC.

Our heroes discover the remains of Commander Movs betryal. The small empty lanes of the village are littered with the rotting corpses of hundreds of soldiers. The overgrown front courtyard of the old church is littered with the heads of Alliance soldiers atop poles, numbering somewhere close to 80.

An overwhelming sense of dread greets the heroes as they approach the church tower. A sickly green light, accompanied by a nauseating stench fills the tower and worship hall beyond.

On the entry level, our heroes discover the looted spell books and potions of dozens of Alliance healers. During the investigation a strange purple cloud descends the stairs leading to the next level. An attempt by the Prince the summon winds against it proved no effect on the strange cloud, however the change in pressure inside the tower forces open a hidden passage behind a bookcase.

The hidden passage reveals a laboratory occupied by three Drow Wizards engaged in a debate over Commander Mov and his mental faculties. Which have deteriorated considerably, according to their conversation. Our heroes cut the heathen cultists down, however in the process a table containing elixers and tinctures is bumped, resulting in a toxic chemical fire that quickly forces the heroes back into the entry level.

The second, third and fourth floors, dedicated to housing are unoccupied, however on the fifth floor the heroes encounter not one of the strange clouds, but two. Commander Mov appears on the stairs and begins to taunt our heroes as they confront his ‘experiments’. Attempts to attack it with magic prove fruitless. Only melee attacks have an effect on it, however a faint hue of the cloud remains on Ilka and Kurracks armor. When Dagrimm hits the cloud again the damage is reflected back to him and the hue begins to cunsume his arm and remains until the cloud is dispersed.

Soon after Mov is overtaken and defeated. At the top of the tower our heroes discover a glowing green dual tetrahedron of unknown material resting in a Drow skull on top of a work bench. A Dwarf lies on the floor beside the table, clutching an open steel box in his cold dead hand.

As they approach, a wave of fear and weakness washes over the heroes. After a few moments they are able to gather their wills and notice the steel box.

Dagrim makes it to the box with Baldric close behind, however Baldric is compelled to look at the dual tetrahedron and suddenly means to posses it. Before Baldric is able to grab it, Kurrack casts Magic Hand and carries it over and into the steel box. Dagrim slams it shut and immediately the dread and weakness fade away.

Kurrak discovers the scroll case with the evidence Mov stole from the poisoned official. Along with meticulous documentation of dozens of transactions between the Alliance and the Cult, the names of 42 Alliance traitors including 4 Generals and Prince Gundark himself.

After clearing and securing the tower our heroes take a well deserved rest.

To be continued….


Byerac Byerac

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