Dwarves of Bruinia

Edo and The Underdark

Roti Peninsula; Zheng Harbor, home of the Soga Clan.

A few months ago, Vanaran engineers investigating the sudden disappearance of run off water from the mountains discovered an inactive fresh water spring entrance large enough to crawl into. The team is able to navigate through the narrow caves, and follow it deep under the foot hills of the Shangxi Mtns. Lost, the engineers wander the cave system only to eventually discover The Drow Underdark. The team miraculously return home safely, not injured at all, only dehydrated and profoundly disturbed.

Days later, The Soga Shogunate orders the “black hand”, an elite group of four ninja to infiltrate the the cave system for reconnaissance. They return with a detailed report on the Drow Underdark as well as the expansion into the sunken city of Oarasan. The Shogun then requests the shamanic order of The White Iris choose a representative, and send her to the Alliance Territories across Corliss Bay. Although not exactly diplomats, The White Iris shamans were responsible for negotiating the Trade Pact almost sixty years earlier, establishing the Vanaran Fleet as the main supply distributor for the entire Corliss Bay region.

Fadoo, leader of the White Iris shamanic order, chooses to send Edo the orders most respected member. She arrives In Berm Port, which is almost completed, and informs the Alliance General there of the Drow under the Bay and offers her assistance. She is quickly taken under Vanguard escort to Spetnaz City.

During this one week trip she is witness to the devastation left after Drow assualts. The constant fear of enemy ambush, the haunted look in the eyes of the people they pass on the road builds her compassion for them. Finally Edo and her Alliance escort are forced from the protection of their armored wagon just outside Spetznaz City and enter the sewer system. Again she is exposed to the horrors of the Drow Cult as they move through secured areas of the sewer. Before returning to the surface Edo meets a unit of soldiers collecting the bodies of their allies and storing them in a pit of hundreds, like an unearthed mass grave.

Edo and her escorts arrive at the Citadel just after midnight. After formalities are satisfied they are directed to the Meeting Hall. Edo is informed on the way up the stairs that the Prince of the Dwarven Empire is here at the Citadel. In fact he is sitting with the General.

Previously inside the Citadel…

Prince Kurrack calls a meeting with General Vrek. Concerned about the level of decadence being displayed by the General, Kurrack and Vrek come to an understanding after the Prince is able to enlighten the General of his misdeeds. Before said meeting, Kurrack stationed Baldric and Dagrimm to guard the two entrances of the Hall, in case things got personal. Dax is seldom seen in one place for very long, always doing this or that.

Consumed with polishing his beloved Ilka, Dagrimm fails to notice the female Vanaran shaman behind the Vanguard escort. He starts with suspicious alarm when he does However, alerting Baldric to the visitors presence. The Vanguard captain introduces Edo as Dax returns and all are well met.

The Heroes listen intently, only occasionally interrupting Edo for reiteration as she tells them her tale. The revelation of a Drow Underdark under the Corliss Bay is a humbling one for General Vrek and the heroes. Further more there are implications that the Drow have adapted Alliance steam tech. All of this is fantastic intelligence, but it is also terrible for the Alliance who have seventy percent of it’s forces on the other side of the Brau.

Edo offers to assist the Alliance in any way. She is asked by Prince Kurrack to join them as they travel through the battle zone toward Zammira where recent intelligence reports confirm the Cult is constructing a colossal gateway somewhere in the city. The heroes rest that evening and the next morning enter the occupied east Spetznaz City.

To be continued…


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