Dwarves of Bruinia

The Wash, Spetnaz City

Dax, a Gnomish steam tech for hire, is jolted out of sleep by the steam foundry explosion only six blocks away. Taking a moment to observe his surroundings, Dax notices the merchant warehouse across the courtyard outside his window is being pillaged by Drow. As Dax begins to fire arrows into the warehouse window, he can hear Drow entering the building and decides to get out via the window in front of him. Grappling a corner of the building he is able to get down safely, only to be narrowly missed by crossbow bolts. Dodging behind some discarded crates and barrels, Dax jumps inside and uses it like a shield to get out of the line of fire and around the corner where he bumps into his downstairs elderly neighbor. She directs Dax through the crowd to an open sewer grate. Since the last few attacks on the city, residents had prepared for another one by outfitting a washout chamber into a bunker. Dax is able to see the camp is terribly vulnerable and decides to strike out on his own into the sewer.Moving through the sewers, Dax finds piles of dead bodies. In one he locates a lantern with some oil left in it. Dax follows the voices of Alliance soldiers into a chamber where he notices something in the water. Dax skirts the edge of the water and escapes down a very narrow outlet on the other side. Moving through the twisting tunnels, Dax stumbles upon a unit of Drow moving away from him and tracks them until the they begin to advance on an enemy ahead of them. He uses the distraction to assassinate two of the Drow. The rest of the Drow are engaged with a group of Dwarves in an adjacent chamber.


Our heroes enter the “Wash” after resting up for the night. They too discover piles of fluid-less bodies along the way. Not to long after they encounter several Giant Black Widows. After a mile or so they come upon a unit of patrolling Drow. During battle they realize the enemy is being flanked from behind by a Gnome. When the conflict is over, they all return to the city and locate General V’Rek at the Citadel.


Byerac Byerac

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